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Friday 20th April, 2018

2018 Accenture
Scholarship Recipient:
Sunga Lee, French horn

Over the course of our ten-year partnership, Accenture has provided essential support to Australia’s most promising talent by awarding an annual $10,000 scholarship to an outstanding musician from the Australian Youth Orchestra. This year’s recipient, Sunga Lee, is a French horn player from Brisbane.


We caught up with Sunga to hear about her musical journey so far:

Sunga Lee









What made you decide to take up the French horn?

I was actually recommended to take up the French horn by my primary school music teacher, after she discovered that I had perfect pitch. I’d never heard of the instrument before, but as soon as I saw how cool and shiny it looked, my ten-year-old self was convinced that the French horn was the instrument for me!

The French horn is renowned for being one of the trickiest instruments to master. Did it take you long to get to grips with it?

To be honest, I don’t ever remember finding it tricky to begin with – I always saw it as an exciting and fun activity. I think that having learned piano from the age of five definitely helped me to have this kind of approach. That being said, I’m finding it difficult now more than ever, because it’s not just a fun activity, but has become my way of life. It can become emotionally and physically taxing, but it’s always very rewarding in the end.

What was your first experience of AYO?

My first experience with AYO was in the second week of AYO National Music Camp in 2016. I remember feeling excited and nervous, but above all, I was shocked by how young and talented everyone was. It was such an unforgettable experience playing beautiful music in collaboration with these musicians. It inspired me to work even harder to strive towards becoming better, so that I could make it into other programs and have even greater experiences.

How has being awarded the Accenture Scholarship affected your career?

The Accenture Scholarship has brought huge financial relief for me – I can be assured of my participation in the AYO programs, which I am so thankful for. I’ve also been able to invest in much needed equipment, such as a Zoom recorder, for recording my practice sessions and auditions, a set of high quality headphones, and a more compact case for my horn as I am travelling more frequently.

What are your plans for this year?

This year is very exciting for me. After having participated in the AYO February Season program, I can’t wait to partake in July Season, Chamber Players, and the ASO Fellowship program. In August, I will be flying to America, to attend the 50th Annual International Horn Symposium. There, I’ll be competing, spectating, learning, and immersing myself in horn haven. I was very fortunate to have gone to last year’s symposium in Brazil with QHorns, the Queensland Conservatorium’s Horn Ensemble, and knew that I couldn’t miss the upcoming one. I was worried that I couldn’t afford to go though, because I’d spent my savings on a trip to Germany in January this year, where I received lessons from some of the most renowned horn pedagogues. I’m extremely grateful for having received this scholarship because it’s granted me access to opportunities like this that will enhance and open new pathways for my career.

Meet the previous recipients of the Accenture Scholarship, and find out what they're up to now!


Jenna Smith, trumpet

2017 Accenture Scholarship Recipient


Jonathan Békés, cello

2016 Accenture Scholarship Recipient


Jenna Schijf, bassoon

2015 Accenture Scholarship Recipient

Jenna is currently a Trumpet Fellow in the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s Fellowship Program. As an orchestral musician, she has played with several of Australia’s professional orchestras, and toured to Singapore as part of the Australian World Orchestra’s 2016 season as a member of their Academy Program.



Jonathan is in great demand as a performer across Australia, and has just landed a permanent position with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. He also enjoys chamber music, and is a founding member of the Estivo Piano Trio.





Jenna is a casual bassoonist with the WA Symphony Orchestra, and a current musician at ANAM. She has also freelanced with several chamber ensembles across the country. Jenna has travelled internationally to participate in summer academies and perform in masterclasses with some of the world’s most renowned bassoonists.

Jack Bailey, cello

2014 Accenture Scholarship Recipient

  Lloyd Van't Hoff, clarinet

2013 Accenture Scholarship Recipient

Joel Bass, percussion

2012 Accenture Scholarship Recipient

Jack is currently studying at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, UK, and is an alumni of ANAM. He has performed extensively as a soloist, orchestral musician and chamber musician throughout Australia and overseas.


Lloyd is rapidly growing a reputation as one of Australia’s finest young chamber musicians and collaborators. He has performed at numerous festivals around the country, including the Melbourne, Perth and Sydney Festivals; and as an orchestral musician and soloist with many of Australia’s professional orchestras.


Joel has played as percussionist with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and SSO Sinfonia. More recently he has turned his attention towards conducting, and has won a place on the 2018 Australian Conducting Academy Summer School.

Liisa Pallandi, violin

2011 Accenture Scholarship Recipient


Brigid Coleridge, violin
2010 Accenture Scholarship Recipient


Rosie Turner, trumpet

2009 Accenture Scholarship Recipient

Liisa has been a member of the Australian Chamber Orchestra since 2015. She also has vast experience as a chamber musician, having performed at Australia’s major arts festivals, and overseas at Thy Chamber Music Festival in Denmark.


Brigid now lives in New York and works as a chamber and solo musician. She performs regularly with the Merz Trio, a piano trio based in New York, and has given performances at major international concert venues such as Wigmore Hall, the Purcell Room and the Royal Albert Hall.


Rosie is the Associate Principal Trumpet of Orchestra Victoria, and has performed with several of the country’s leading orchestras, as well as ensembles from overseas including the Macau Orchestra and the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra. We’ve been lucky enough to welcome Rosie back to AYO as a trumpet tutor at AYO National Music Camp.