Monday 5 August 2019, 8pm
Sydney Opera House


Piano Concerto No.2 

- Interval -

Symphony No 10

Jan Lisiecki piano
Krzysztof Urbański

2019 AYO International Tour

Homecoming Concert

After a string of performances in prestigious concert halls throughout Europe and China as part of the 2019 AYO International Tour, the Australian Youth Orchestra will mark their return home with a performance at the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Accompanying the orchestra on its adventure across the globe is pianist Jan Lisiecki, who made his Australian debut in 2017. Jan has become one of the world’s most notable young artists; renowned for his compelling musical interpretation and unwavering energy. In this eagerly anticipated return to Australia Jan will perform Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No.2. Complete with dazzling piano passages and a distinctive sense of suavity, this unforgettable concerto has all the markings of a universal favourite, and is one of Rachmaninov’s most widely performed works to date.

At the orchestra’s helm is Polish conductor Krzysztof , whose thoughtful approach to music and balletic movement on the podium have earned him widespread acclaim. Australian composer Holly Harrison provides a lively and whimsical concert opener with her orchestral work Frumious, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s unconventional literature and nonsense language; and Shostakovich’s defiant Symphony No.10 brings the performance to a powerful close.