AYO NMC concert series

AYO Summer Concert Series
on ABC Classic 

Wherever you may be, don’t miss AYO’s spectacular Summer Concert Series! All four orchestral concerts at AYO National Music Camp will be broadcast on ABC Classic.

Listen live

Recordings will also be available on the ABC Classic website for 30 days after broadcast.


Orchestral Concert 1 Broadast

Saturday 26 January, 12pm

Listings are at local time for FM listeners, and AEDT for digital listeners.

In the opening of the concert series, two symphony orchestras and one chamber orchestra come together to perform an impressive selection of orchestral masterpieces.

Download (PDF) the concert program notes prepared by students taking part in the Words About Music progra at 2019 AYO National Music Camp 2019.




MOZART The Marriage of Figaro: Overture

SCHNELZER A Freak in Burbank

Performed by the Alexander Orchestra, conducted by Giordano Bellincampi


WOLF Italian Serenade

LEDGER The Natural Order of Things
Static and serene
With a sense of burden
Threatening and agitated
Calm and resolute

Performed by the Weiss Chamber Orchestra, directed by Dale Baltrop

- Interval -

SHOSTAKOVICH Symphony No.12 The Year of 1917
Revolutionary Petrograd (Moderato – Allegro – )
Razliv (Allegro – L’istesso tempo – Adagio – )
Aurora (L’istesso tempo – Allegro – )
The Dawn of Humanity (L’istesso tempo – Allegretto – Moderato)

Performed by the Bishop Orchestra, conducted by Ariel Zuckermann