National Music Camp 2012 – Day 12

Posted by Courtney Day
Thursday 19th January, 2012

The Camp magazine Musica Fever that we WAMmers have been working on for the past two weeks is now complete. By the time this blog post becomes ‘live,’ every NMC Camper should have a copy. We hope you enjoy it!

In other news, WAMland was visited by Felix Hayman this morning, who spoke to us about the craft of radio programming. A former ABC employee, Felix is now a practicing psychologist in the US. As he spoke, it became clear that his dual-interests had often been combined throughout his professional career. Likening the relationship between presenter and programmer to a marriage, he described three stages of intimacy: the liaison begins with enthusiasm; then becomes flat; and ends with irritability. One particularly salient piece of advice that he offered for budding programmers was that broad repertoire knowledge is better than specialised.

In the afternoon, while most other Campers were either performing in, or attending the second General Chamber concert, the WAM group (joined by the lovely Will Conway) were led on a tour of the National Library by Robyn Holmes, Curator of Music. Robyn is a musicological powerhouse, having held various positions at numerous institutions throughout the country, and her passion and curiosity for all things music were evident in the way she rummaged eagerly through boxes of original manuscripts and other cultural rarities.

The Advanced Chamber Music Concert, held tonight in Llewellyn Hall, was certainly (for me, at least) a highlight of the camp so far. The audience was treated to a programme that included Schumann, Borodin, and Shostakovich String Quartets; Schulhoff’s Concertino for double bass, flute and viola; 6 Bagatelles by Ligeti; and a Dohnányi Sextet. While the music itself was refreshingly adventurous, the stunning intensity, versatility, and sensuousness of each performance was humbling. Well done to everyone involved!

-- Naomi Johnson

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February 10, 2012


Muy bello!!, Me gusta. Gracias por cirmaptor y ojalá continúes produciendo mucho más, enhorabuena !!!!