Ray Chen
Friday 20th April, 2018

Developing a Virtual Community of Musicians

Accenture and AYO’s Digital Connection Initiative, or DCI, was developed with the purpose of broadening the ways in which we can interact with musicians when they are not attending an AYO program in person. The initiative has allowed us not only to create valuable digital learning resources, but to make them available to view from anywhere in the world!

As a national organisation, connectivity with young people and teachers in regional communities is of great importance to us.

For many regional students, the cost of attending an AYO audition would involve significant travel, freight and overnight accommodation. The implementation of the AYO Digital Connection Initiative has meant that these musicians could access the AYO selection process from their own town and have the option of reviewing their auditions with their teacher providing a valuable feedback loop for students who have less access to such learning opportunities.

In 2014 AYO’s Momentum Ensemble gave a concert with didgeridoo virtuoso William Barton at City Recital Hall, Angel Place, Sydney which thanks to Accenture was available live on screens around the world. In particular residents of Mt Isa, Queensland were able to watch the performance of their famous son perform with AYO on a large outdoor truck-mounted screen at the Mount Isa Civic Centre. This sense of bringing together a community to experience and celebrate the achievements of Australian musicians wherever they are in the world is a key goal of the AYO Digital Connection program.

Accenture and Australian Youth Orchestra also came together in 2009 to support a regional community in need. Colin Cornish, CEO of the Australian Youth Orchestra, and then Managing Director of Accenture Australia, Jack Percy, together with members of the AYO delivered new musical instruments and equipment to primary schools that had been devastated by the Black Saturday fires in Victoria.

Our partnership has enabled us to create some top-notch digital learning resources.

Imagine taking part in a masterclass with the one of the world’s most in-demand violinists – it’s a pretty exclusive opportunity, which a handful of aspiring young musicians from the Australian Youth Orchestra have been lucky enough to experience personally with professionals such as Ray Chen. This being said, the knowledge that can be garnered from simply observing such a masterclass can have an almost-equal impact.

Streaming unique experiences like this has allowed us to share them with young musicians worldwide. Having access to past concert recordings, interactive workshops and home-learning videos is immensely helpful for our participants, particularly as they prepare for upcoming AYO programs or auditions.

The possibilities are endless.

Our partnership with Accenture has been the driving force behind every one of these innovative projects. As we celebrate the tenth year of our partnership we’re proud to reflect upon all that has been achieved so far, and we look confidently to the future for what may come next.