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Posted by Hannah Buckley
Thursday 11th April, 2013
Preparation and Rehearsal Process

I have only participated in one Chamber Players program before, in September 2012, and I can honestly say that 2013 Chamber Players feels like a different program entirely! Of course, there are common features: amazing music, incredible tutors, the pleasure of playing in chamber ensembles with friends. But there are also differences - most notably, this year's Chamber Players program has been amalgamated with the biennial Musica Viva Festival.

Another difference is that I'm the violinist in a piano trio, with cellist Daniel Smith and pianist Lachlan Dorse (they’re both from Brisbane, and I’m a Sydneysider)... inventively named 'AYO Piano Trio 2.' I've only ever played in a piano trio once before, and in a far less rigorous context. I have a lot more personal experience in a string quartet context - funnily enough, I played in a quartet with Dan last Chamber Players - and it will be interesting to learn how the requisite ensemble skills differ between the two instrumental configurations. I'm particularly curious as to what it will be like, as string players, to work towards blending with a piano with fixed intonation!

We're playing two works: (naturally) a Joseph Haydn piece, Piano Trio in E Major, XV:28 (c. 1797), and Antonín Dvoƙák's Piano Trio in G Minor, Op. 26 (1876). Our tutor is Julian Smiles, cellist of the phenomenal Goldner String Quartet, who has already deeply impressed me with his commitment to not simply feeding us the artistic interpretation he thinks we should apply to the music we're playing, but actually encouraging bravery and experimentation within the safety of our tutorials - and fostering the implementation of our own ideas. I can already perceive that I am getting a lot more out of this style of tutoring than what is common to receive in similar circumstances; although challenging, I strongly believe it will ultimately be more rewarding.


Hannah Buckley, Violin (Piano Trio 2)

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