Backstage at the Musica Viva Festival where the AYO Chamber Players were preparing for the national webcast.
Posted by Hannah Buckley
Thursday 11th April, 2013
Radio Broadcasts and Performances

I am so fortunate to have been placed in the trio I am in (fondly and informally dubbed the 'Three Blind Mice Trio,' considering the bespeckled three of us!). We have happily managed to cultivate the somewhat rare and coveted mix of a strong work ethic, balanced by a unanimous penchant for silliness and fun... as evidenced by the final fifteen minutes of one of our tutor-less rehearsals, during which we all swapped instruments and hilariously attempted to 'bash through' our performance repertoire.

Julian is such an amazing tutor; he is unwavering in his pursuit of technical excellence for our sakes, but he also knows how to bring the feeling behind a melody to life in a way that just makes so much sense, even if you struggle to articulate it yourself. We have had many a fun time tuning triple parallel octaves (thanks, Haydn!), and obsessing over how violently we have to exaggerate our musical intentions in the Dvoƙák if we have any hope of conveying them to an audience, but I'm so glad for it all. Spending time on the technical nitty-gritty early on especially set us up well - by the end of our rehearsal period, we were in the desirable position of being free to concentrate on simply enjoying the wonderful music we had come to know and love, and focusing on the artistry involved in sharing that love with others.

Our piano trio was lucky enough to perform on four separate occasions throughout the Chamber Players program. Initially, we played in an AYO In-House Concert - and, although there's a part of me that would still infinitely prefer to play to a thousand faceless strangers than thirty of my peers, I think it really helped us get that initial fear out of our systems. Despite the 7:00 AM sound check, a highlight was performing live on ABC Classic FM's 'Classic Breakfast' with Emma Ayres (who has an equally impressive 'real-life' voice!), as was performing on ABC Radio National's 'The Music Show' the following morning.

However, to me, nothing could surpass our final performance, which was webcast live over the National Broadband Network. It was an intense joy to see how our group had travelled such a long way from our very first rehearsal - though it had been mere days earlier - both musically and as an ensemble... and even as friends. I can only hope that I will soon experience again the sheer passion and love for chamber playing as, in that moment, coursed so strongly through me and overcame me with delight.


Hannah Buckley, Violin (Piano Trio 2)

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