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Posted by Marissa Loh
Tuesday 23rd April, 2013

59 young musicians aged 12 to 17 from around Australia + 6 amazing AYO programme staff + 13 wonderful tutors + 1 simply incredible music director + 3 birthdays + fantastic music + lots of sugar + the chilly Orange weather + over 41 hours of rehearsals + countless fun times + buckets of laughter = AYO Young Symphonists 2013

“Oh my wordy indeedy shaniel!” Soon adopted as the phrase of the programme from music director Richard Gill, I think it sums up perfectly the whole experience. Exciting, exhilarating, and enjoyable, each and every one of us had an excellent time, whilst learning a great deal, honing our musical skills, and meeting some remarkable people.

We worked and practised hard, in tutti rehearsals, tutorials and chamber groups. We danced, not only to celebrate our hard work after the concert, but at Richard Gill’s sing-ins, where our coordination was certainly tested. Some girls even had the chance to dance the sarabande and the musette with Richard Gill. We sang rounds about ducks, fish and chips, birds, bottles of pop and backyards, and celebrated three birthdays in three consecutive days. Thanks to copious amounts of sugar and tea (once exhausting the whole supply of tea bags in the school), we had boundless energy and endless fun.

“This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.” – Leonard Bernstein

The importance of this quote not only lies in the fact that the question of its author was posed to us on Trivia Night, but in the fact that this is exactly what we have done across Young Symphonists 2013 – made music intensely, beautifully and devotedly. The culmination of this passion and work was at Saturday night’s concert. I can only hope that I can experience something like this again, playing brilliant music with young musicians from all over Australia. Thank you to all of the participants who have made this camp so amazing, to all of the tutors for their dedication and insight, to all of the AYO programme staff for their hard work in putting everything together, and to Richard Gill, the most oh-my-wordy-indeedy-shaniele fantastic musical director. I am sure that all of us have returned as much improved musicians, with wonderful memories and many new friends.

- Marissa Loh, violin

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