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Posted by Samuel Cottell
Tuesday 13th January, 2015

Tutti for Tomorrow!

As the rain drizzled down in the early evening, we all made our way to the magnificent Elder Hall to watch our tutors perform in another amazing chamber concert. The music of Ravel, Dvorak, Bernstein and our composition tutor, Stuart Greenbaum, awaited us. We shuffled into the hall out of the dreary rain (a welcome relief from the heat, I guess) and took our seats, expecting a chamber group to appear. It didn’t. Hannah, an Arts Administration student, took centre stage instead. ‘Imagine a signed jersey of your favourite football team, but a million times cooler’, she said.

Each year the AYO provides one in three students with scholarships so they can attend its programs. As AYO CEO Colin Cornish says, ‘we believe that talent should be the key requirement for entry into an AYO program’. Hannah and her AA buddies have come up with an ingenious idea to help these scholarship funds. And it involves you, the students.

But what can I do? Well, you can go to the Library in Elder Hall, where you will find two T-shirts for everyone at Camp to sign. One of them will be kept by AYO as a historical monument to National Music Camp 2015, and the other one will be raffled this Friday – which is T-shirt Day.

Arts Administration students will be selling tickets for the price of a donation, no matter how large or small. Remember to wear your shirt on Friday and look out for the Arts Administration students stationed around the Hub and near the café. They are very friendly and would love for you to come and say hello.

This fundraising idea was created by students, for students; it fosters the spirit of team effort and working together. Think about a great time you have had on camp. Wouldn’t you love for someone else to be able to have this experience? By simply signing your name you are helping to raise funds for future students wishing to attend AYO activities. Get your name on there alongside famous conductors James Judd and Douglas Boyd, or the legendary Wilma Smith, not to mention all the amazing tutors. Hurry to the library by Friday to get your signature on some prime real estate!

I would cross my fingers to win the shirt…but this would mean I physically wouldn’t be able to sign it.

– Samuel Cottell

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