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2016 AYO National Music Camp: Blog 3


Posted by Adrienne Salmon
Friday 8th January, 2016

Arriving at AYO National Music Camp last Saturday, I was totally oblivious of just how frantic my first few days in Canberra would really be. But, after the nerve-racking
first introductions and with one deadline already accomplished, I feel I am
truly getting the hang of it and loving every minute. With our team
disappearing in and out between mealtimes and tutorials or typing furiously
away in the ‘West Wing’ (our palatial office), I suspected you all might wonder
exactly what our days and nights entail. Here is a day in the life of a

8:30am Themission for us WAMsters today is to master our interviewing prowess for the ABCClassic FM Interval Feature for AYO’s Saturday evening concert.

Our roles were as follows: Dylan is the interview guru, Antonia
the expert editor, Ruth the interview manager and I’m the ready engineer. We
had agreed upon our first radio feature’s theme a few days earlier and had
decided on a discussion of the concept of the 21st century entrepreneurial

Our first interviewee was AYO’s CEO, Colin Cornish. He
provided a fantastic introduction to our feature, answering questions about the
importance of having two artists-in-residence at this year’s National Music
Camp and providing fascinating insights into his career. We next spoke with
Orchestral Management participant, Freya Petersen, who embodies what it means
to be an entrepreneurial musician. Michael Grebla, a Sound Production
participant, was our third interviewee. His impressive career thus far has
spanned from composer to Music Director at St George’s College in Perth. Our
next interviewee was Monica Curro. She is the Director of Smalley Chamber
Orchestra at this year’s National Music Camp, and she told us of her plans for
2016 with her new ensemble, Plexus. Our last interview was with one of the
National Music Camp’s artists-in-residence, accordion virtuoso James Crabb.

Each interview improved enormously as the day went on,
stumbling occurred less and less and I eventually grasped how to finely balance
the levels of each individual speaker on my itty bitty (but complicated)
recording machine. This has definitely been my favourite assignment so far and
the reason is simple - I can get away with being the ultimate fan girl.

Cricet CAMP 2

3:30pm After finishing all the interviews it is time to edit. Antonia slaves away on the computer, splicing and dicing the interviews. An interesting thought to ponder - how many times can one person say um in a sentence?

6:30pm Tutors v Students Cricket Match

The students, tutors and AYO staff are poised and ready for the spectacle to begin. Our tutor Alastair is umpiring. The weight of my responsibility to document the match (about which I, hilariously, know nothing) makes me sweat as I grip my pen, ready to scribble away the facts.

From day one I have been fed a large amount of perplexing statements - ‘Adi, the tutors always win’, ‘good luck students (wink face)’ and worst of all, the devastating and outrightly shocking information that ‘the game is rigged’. So this year, I pledge to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, of the students’ unequivocally obvious victory!

It’s five minutes into the game and the students are losing already. A new hopeful star batsman, Jovan Pantelich, enters the green. After being pegged a ball, it ricochets off his bat and the tutors messily scramble around for the ball. It is looking up for the students, but suddenly and devastatingly the ball is caught! Jovan, in whom we placed so much promise, is out.

Ten minutes in and the students are far behind. You can almost taste the rivalry in the air and, out of nowhere a scuffle begins between Stephen King, Jonathan Bekes (our captain), Lachlan Bramble and Jovan!

Even despite our lack of success so far, the spirit of determination is felt everywhere. Particularly Colin Cornish’s children who are cheering the students on.

7:05pm Second innings

It is very clear the opposition are playing dirty. Our own trusted tutor, Alastair, has chosen the dark side and I have to say - apparently he isn’t being fair. However in an unsurprising turn of events, the students’ defensive actually begins to work! Our captain catches out the last rival tutor batter, Andrew Nicholson, and the game is done. The final score: students win by 1 run

8:00pm Celebration in the common room