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During the past twelve months the Australian Youth Orchestra has opened up new fronts in the ambitious pursuit of our vision – for all young Australians to be empowered with musical knowledge, imagination and a love of music.

Through the generosity of donations, AYO can continue to improve and invest in our programs, which provide passionate young musicians with the opportunity to receive inspirational training and discover like-minded people from across the country.

AYO strives to provide a diverse range of opportunities for young Australians; from coaching for teachers in the fundamentals of music education in primary schools across the country; to eye and ear opening experiences as part of an AYO ensemble; to collaborative Momentum Ensemble projects, helping young musicians to forge themselves a 21st-century career.

We invite you to provide valuable financial support by allocating your donation to one of the following areas.

Areas of Support
AYO Priorities

Sustain the breadth and quality of our unique training programs by allowing us to allocate your gift to area of greatest need.

AYO Scholarships

Make it possible for all outstanding young musicians to participate in AYO programs regardless of their financial or geographical barriers.

International Tour Fund

Give Australia’s best young musicians the opportunity to become global artists as they take the world stage.

Momentum Ensemble

Support and inspire musicians to develop the skills required for a rewarding life as a musician of the 21st century.

National Music Teacher Mentoring Program

Help AYO achieve our vision of quality music education for every Australian primary school student.




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We continually see the benefits both musically and socially for young Australians participating in AYO’s programs.

Bassoonist Stephanie Sheridan shared her story:

"At the end of 2018, I was the closest I’d ever been to dropping out of university and quitting bassoon. Flash forward a couple of months later and I am feeling so blessed to be able to play music.

Australian Youth Orchestra’s National Music Camp was the most incredible and challenging fortnight of my life. I got to play works I’d never dreamed of being proficient enough to play. The first note the ensemble played and all I could think was, 'oh, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.'

I can’t express how grateful I am for these experiences and for getting me out of the slump I was stuck in. I’m very much looking forward to all the musical adventures 2019 has to offer – I know they’ll be wonderful!"

Stephanie Sheridan, Bassoon