Accenture Scholarship

The Australian Youth Orchestra’s Principal Sponsor & Digital Partner, Accenture, offers a $10,000 cash scholarship to an outstanding musician selected for the Australian Youth Orchestra. This scholarship provides financial support for the recipient to participate in AYO’s programs in 2018 and to pursue further study, travel, or instrument acquisition. The scholarship is awarded through a competitive application process that includes a recorded audition together with a written case for support.

Click here to find out about the 2017 recipient, Jenna Smith

Click here to find out about the 2016 recipient, Jonathan Békés

Click here to find out about the 2015 recipient, Jenna Schijf

Click here to find out about the 2014 recipient, Jack Bailey


- To be eligible to apply, the applicant must be 25 years or under, as at 1 January 2018.

- The applicant must be participating in both AYO February and AYO July 2018 Seasons. Applicants participating in one Season are only eligible to apply if their instrument is not offered in either February or July due to program requirements.

Application Requirements

1. Complete the online scholarship application form and provide the URL for your audio-visual recording. 

- The audio-visual recording must include the applicant playing two (2) contrasting works.

- The recording is to be up to 20 minutes in length.

- The recording to be uploaded to YouTube or Dropbox only.

- The selected works should clearly demonstrate the applicant's technical proficiency and interpretive ability.

- An existing recording may be used, however it must not be more than six months old.

- The recording must feature the applicant as a prominent soloist.

- It is in the applicant's best interest to provide a recording with the highest quality of audio.

Click here to complete your online scholarship application form. The form can be found on the AYO Community Hub under the 'My Applications' tab.

2. Submit the following additional materials:

- A written statement, no more than one (1) A4 page in length, on the intended use of the Scholarship. It is important that the application outlines a demonstrated need for, and a clear explanation of intended use of the funds.

- A budget proposal outlining how the funds will be used. 

- Curriculum Vitae no more than one (1) A4 page in length.

Additional materials are to be submitted to

Conditions of the Scholarship

- A portion of the scholarship money will be used to pay the full fees upfront for AYO seasons. The balance of funds will be paid to the scholarship holder in accordance with an agreed plan.

- If you withdraw from one OR both AYO seasons you will be required to return all scholarship money, even if you have already spent some of the funds.

- If successful, you will be required to submit two scholarship reports in March and August.

Please note the adjudication is entirely separate to the Australian Youth Orchestra's national auditions.

If you have any queries regarding the scholarship please contact AYO at