Application process

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Key Dates

AYO 2021 instrumental applications opening
Monday 7 September 2020

String auditions due 
Tuesday 27 October

Wind and brass auditions due Thursday 29 October

Percussion auditions due Monday 9 November

Established ensemble auditions due Monday 9 November

Arts administration and composition applications open
Monday 16 November, with more details coming soon

Application process

As we look to the year ahead, we will soon invite young musicians from across Australia to apply for our 2021 programs. Our application process has evolved to accommodate online auditions and interviews for all applicants. All musicians will be required to submit a video recording which will be assessed remotely by a panel of orchestral experts, and arts administration applicants will be asked to submit a portfolio and attend a video interview.

Dates for the opening of applications, audition and portfolio deadlines and the release of results will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

What to expect

Step 1 Log in

All applications are submitted through the AYO Community Hub. Once applications open you will be able to create an account, or log into an existing account. 

Step 2 Submit your application

Only one application is required per person, regardless of how many instruments or programs you are applying for.

Once your application is submitted it's time to start preparing your audition or portfolio. Upon submitting your application you will be able to explore the audition and portfolio requirements, download your audition excerpts, and gain access to online AYO webinars on audition preparation information.

Step 3 Submit your audition or portfolio

All instrumental applicants will need to submit a video audition online. This can be submitted at any time before the audition deadline.

All arts administration and composition applicants are offered an online interview and asked to submit a portfolio of supporting material.

Step 4 Results released

All applicants will receive a successful, reserve, or unsuccessful result for each program they are eligible for. Successful participants must secure their place by accepting their offer.

Stay tuned for more updates on 2021 applications as they become available by registering your interest.

Example audition excerpts

Explore the range of example audition excerpts available below. Please note that these excerpts will not be accepted in an audition for AYO 2021 and are for reference only.

Violin Flute French Horn Timpani
Viola Oboe Trumpet Percussion
Cello Clarinet Trombone Harp
Double Bass Bassoon Bass Trombone Piano