Audition requirements

Audition Requirements

All applicants should submit a recorded audition. During this audition, applicants must perform a set of AYO orchestral excerpts, and a short piece of their choosing.

Download the audition information pack for full details on how to record and submit your AYO 2021 audition.

Orchestral excerpts

Once you have submitted your application, you will have immediate access to the 2021 audition excerpts.

Things to consider when preparing your excerpts:

  • Take time to learn about the background of each work
  • Listen to an orchestral recording of the work to hear your part played in context
  • Look carefully at tempo, dynamic and articulation markings, and consider them when preparing each excerpt. Metronome markings are provided as an
  • Aim for accuracy, beauty of sound, precise rhythm and good intonation
  • Bear in mind that the excerpts are of varying difficulty. Younger or less experienced players should not be disheartened by a difficult excerpt—play it more slowly if necessary
  • Seek the guidance of your instrumental teacher in preparing your excerpts

Example audition excerpts

If you would like to gain a better understanding of the standard of AYO audition excerpts before you apply, we recommend exploring the range of example audition excerpts available below. Please note that these excerpts will not be accepted in an audition for AYO 2021 and are for reference only.

Violin Flute French Horn Timpani
Viola Oboe Trumpet Percussion
Cello Clarinet Trombone Harp
Double Bass Bassoon Bass Trombone Piano


Piece of your own choice

All applicants (except percussion and timpani) are required to perform a short piece of their own choice, without an accompanist. Applicants are not required to present complete works—a carefully selected passage of a longer piece is acceptable. Applicants are strongly advised to check the selection of their piece with their instrumental teacher.

Please choose a work, or section of a work, which:

  • Clearly demonstrates your technical proficiency
  • Emphasises your musicianship
  • Presents contrasting musical material
  • Is no more than 5 minutes in length


Auxiliary instruments

Wind instrument applicants are encouraged to audition on their respective doubling instrument(s) as well as their primary instrument. Accepted auxiliary instruments include piccolo, cor Anglais, Eb clarinet, bass clarinet and contrabassoon.

A separate set of excerpts is available for each auxiliary instrument. An own choice piece is not required for auxiliary instruments.


Established ensembles

Applicants for AYO Chamber Players have the option to apply as an individual or as an established string quartet, piano trio or wind quintet. Only one ensemble member is required to add the ensemble to their application.

Ensembles are required to provide the following application materials:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) including the period your ensemble has performed together, a list of existing and planned repertoire for past and future performances.
  • A short statement outlining why your ensemble wants to be a part of the AYO Chamber Players program
  • Ensemble members form
  • One audio-visual recording of a recent performance of approximately 20 minutes duration


Recording your audition

Once you have prepared the music, you will be required to make audio-visual recordings of your audition. For ease of recording and uploading, the following elements are required to be recorded as separate videos.

  • Orchestral excerpts (to be recorded in order, in one take)
  • Own choice piece (if required)
  • Auxiliary instrument orchestral excerpts (if required)

Videos should be in landscape orientation and should be at a minimum resolution of 720p in one of the following file formats: MP4, MOV or AVI. If you don’t have access to a video camera, many mobile phones are able to achieve these technical requirements. The applicant should be visible in shot from head to toe, and filmed in an enclosed room with good lighting and minimal background noise.


Submitting your audition

When your recordings are complete you need to upload them in the AYO Community Hub. Before uploading, take a moment to ensure you feel that the video recordings are a good representation of your instrumental ability. Once you have submitted your audition AYO will not accept revisions.

Your AYO recorded audition must be uploaded no later than 5pm on the dates listed below. We recommend submitting before the due date to avoid any last-minute issues. If you are having trouble submitting your audition, contact AYO on 1300 668 500.

String auditions: Tuesday 27 October
Wind and brass auditions: Thursday 29 October
Percussion, piano, harp and established ensemble auditions: Monday 9 November


Audition panel

To ensure that all applicants are assessed in a fair and equitable manner, all auditions of the same instrument will be assessed by the same panel. The audition panels are made up of experienced musicians, teachers and professionals from the music industry who are skilled in the assessment of instrumental auditions.

The results of your audition are completely confidential and will not be discussed outside AYO, nor will they be made available to any other organisation.


For any questions relating to auditions, please contact AYO at, or 1300 668 500.