AYO & National Music Camp 1960s Reunion

Reliving the memories

In August 2016, sixty AYO/National Music Camp Alumni from the 1960s came together at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins to revisit memories of those distant days, and recall the many friendships, the excitement and wonderful music-making. Hosted by AYO Donor & Bequestor Patrick Brislan, the crowd swapped photos and anecdotes before heading off to Hamer Hall to watch the current Australian Youth Orchestra's much-anticipated homecoming concert following their Tour to Europe and China.

As Alumnus Alison Rosser said:

It was a lovely occasion catching up with musicians who had attended National Music Camp in the 1960s. We shared photos and stories of Campers and it was quite an emotional occasion. The concert afterwards was stunning!

We invite you to browse the wonderful photos from the Reunion, get more involved with AYO, enjoy archives from the past and find out about your AYO friends – where are they now?

1960s Reunion Photos

(Photo: Barbara Miechel, Geoff Cumming, Boyd Strauss.) Do you recognise the faces? Click here to browse through Reunion photos.

AYO Photos and Class Lists from the Swinging Sixties

Photo: Fred Shade and Libby Grierson (now Libby Shade). Step back in time to the fun and fashion of AYO and National Music Camp in the sixties. Click here to revisit the class lists, performance histories and photos. And if you're still in contact with your AYO friends, please invite them to the Reunion!

Support the next generation

(Photo: AYO in concert with Sir Mark Elder at Hamer Hall.) Click here to find out how to stay connected with past and future generations.

Your AYO Friends: where are they now?

Photo: New England Ensemble members Andrew Lorenz, Robert Harris, Wendy Lorenz and Janis Laurs, all former music campers or AYO members. Click here to find out more about AYO Alumni across the decades and how to stay connected with past and future generations.