Monday 31st March, 2014

Sheila Fitzpatrick

 Historian Sheila Fitzpatrick specialises in Soviet history and has published numerous academic works and two acclaimed memoirs (My Father’s Daughter and A Spy in the Archives). Sheila attended some of the first music camps in Bonegilla as a violinist. Following three AYO seasons (1957-59), Sheila found she loved the process of historical research, of ‘posing a question and finding the answers in archives and primary sources.’  Are music and writing similar creative processes? ‘Yes, when I write I’m trying to capture the particular flavour of a situation, akin to capturing a musical phrase or movement.’

Lachlan Bramble

 Lachlan Bramble (AYO 2000 – 2008) and his family members played music together from a young age: ‘In our household you learnt to use a knife and fork and play a string instrument’. Lachlan and his brother Ewen are now members, along with pianist Amir Farid, of the award-winning Benaud Trio (‘I take care of our phone calls while Ewen takes care of our intonation’). Best AYO advice? ‘From Ben Zander – when you make a mistake, simply throw your hands up and say “How fascinating!”’. Proudest AYO achievement? ‘I’ve played as a tutor in several NMC cricket matches without suffering any broken bones from the students.’

Catherine Brooks

Catherine Brooks (Viola) is currently an employment lawyer. ‘I feel I can make a positive impact on individuals’ lives and improve the longevity of a business, so I still get to be creative.’ At AYO (1999-2001), Catherine discovered ‘the importance of having pure artistic joy in your life – whilst the law can get your creative juices flowing, it’s also great to be passionate about music because it can provide escapism and into another world’. Favourite music played at AYO? ‘The Mahler symphonies. Even for a “too cool for school” teenager, Mahler had the ability to move the soul like no other.’

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