AYO Arts Administration

It takes more than musicians to keep a successful orchestra running smoothly. Behind every great performing arts organisation is a team of dedicated administrators; from orchestral managers and sound engineers, to leaders in communications, fundraising, marketing and journalism.

AYO’s arts administration programs give a glimpse into the many supportive roles that exist in the orchestral world, and provide students with the hands-on experience they need to excel in the field.

Orchestral Management

Age 18-28

Learn the essentials of stage management, foresight and planning, and put your new skills
to the test as you manage concerts and rehearsals at AYO Autumn Music Camp.
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Words About Music

Age 18-30

Learn the tricks of the trade behind music journalism and gain useful skills to help you succeed in your musical career. This program provides participants with the toolkit to communicate about music in a compelling way through online and print mediums.
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Sound Production

Age 18-30
Learn the essentials of sound engineering and put your new skills into action as you manage the preparation, recording and production of exciting concerts at AYO Autumn Music Camp.
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