Posted by Megan Burslem
Tuesday 7th January, 2014

The first full day of NMC 2014 was witness to many shell-shocked expressions and puffy eyes, but thanks to the kitchen’s endless supply of red cordial, this seemed to dissipate as the day progressed.

However there was one person who rivalled the stimulating abilities of the red cordial, and that was none other than our esteemed Musical Director, Richard Gill.

Forget Vegemite, The Big Banana, meat pies, and Alf Stewart - if we want a real national icon, Richard Gill is where it’s at!

Richard has an innate ability to motivate and excite anyone with whom he comes in contact, and that was no different last night when he addressed the NMC participants for the annual ‘Meet The Director’ evening.

In a tight 45-minute presentation, Richard gave us a wealth of knowledge, an onslaught of jokes and a barrage of sage advice. He spoke with passion, humour, but most of all he spoke with honesty. How does he do it? He believes. He believes in the power of music and of music education, but most importantly, he believes that each and every person can make a change. ‘You, with your potent gifts and talents’ he said. ‘You can be agents for that change’.

Richard asked us to do three things for him at Camp: Listen, as hearing has the capacity to change. Ask, as ignorance is no crime.  And sing. Just sing.

A good friend of mine once described Richard as the kind of guy who makes you want to raise your fist in the air and scream ‘YEAH!!’ at the top of your lungs.

And boy, was he right! 


- Megan Burslem

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