AYO Sound Production

Help the wonder and beauty of orchestral performances live on with immaculately produced concert recordings. This program will equip you with the technical knowledge and experience essential for sound production and mixing. You’ll also learn interview and editing techniques to develop your broadcasting skills. This is a unique, hands-on experience that leads to professional-quality outcomes.




Tony Cray

Tony David Cray is a Grammy award-winning audio engineer & producer with over 30 years experience working in the audio and music industry. He is also an innovative software developer with a focus on immersive audio and visual projects winning multiple awards including a BAFTA.
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What to expect on the program

As a Sound Production participant, you’ll learn the essentials of sound engineering and production. As a team, you’ll utilise these new skills as you manage the preparation, recording and production of our exciting concert series. A number of these recordings will be broadcast online and on-air through our far-reaching channels, giving you the unique opportunity to share your work with audiences around the country!

From the minute you arrive at AYO National Music Camp, you’ll experience a whirl of new faces and first encounters with Australia’s brightest young players, composers, music journalists and administrators. With an action-packed schedule, it’s important that your focus is on the program at hand. Rest assured, you will be well looked after, allowing you to concentrate on your preparation and performance. We provide airport transfers, comfortable shared accommodation and three meals per day for every camp attendee.


See AYO Sound Production participants Mila and Daniel as they prepare to record an exciting series of concerts at AYO National Music Camp in 2020.