AYO Words About Music

Music has always needed people who can write and talk about it, people who can express the un-expressible with flair and insight in order to engage audiences. This program will immerse you in a hothouse of writing, talking and thinking about music. With a hands-on approach you’ll work online, as well as through radio and print mediums, learning to get your passion for music out there with precisely the right words.


What to expect on the program

As a Words About Music participant, you’ll get to know the tricks of the trade behind music journalism and content creation. You’ll take these new-found skills and utilise them to create inspiring, engaging pieces about the music you’ll be hearing every day at camp. Your tutors will guide you through the ins and outs of web and print publishing, as well as the exciting world of podcasting and broadcast techniques. You’ll also further develop your written skills, helping you produce high quality program notes.

From the minute you arrive at AYO National Music Camp, you’ll experience a whirl of new faces and first encounters with Australia’s greatest best young players, composers, sound engineers and music journalists. With an action-packed schedule it’s important that your focus is on the program at hand. Rest assured you will be well looked after, allowing you to concentrate on your preparation and performance. We provide airport transfers, comfortable shared accommodation and three meals per day for every camp attendee.


AYO’s Words About Music program offers aspiring music journalists the opportunity to write, think and talk about music in all kinds of different ways. Hear two of our 2019 participants, Madi and Stella, as they take to the AYO podcast in 2019 to chat with Anna Goldsworthy.