AYO Young Symphonists

Young Symphonists is the beginning of the musical journey with AYO. Here is where you take the first step on your orchestral path and join other gifted young musicians for an intensive week of music-making. This program is designed specifically for 12–17 year olds who wish to experience the joy of tackling highly challenging repertoire, and who may be considering a future in orchestral music.




Fabian Russell | Music Director

Fabian Russell was born in Sydney, Australia in 1968. In a career spanning more than three decades he has been at the forefront of the Australian classical music industry as a multi-award winning conductor, artistic director, orchestral musician, soloist and teacher. Read More

What to expect on the program

You’ll join other gifted young musicians from around the country for an intensive, week-long residential program. Musicians will attend tutorials with some of Australia’s most respected and celebrated tutors, as well as undergo an exciting and rigorous rehearsal and performance program before showcasing their newly-honed skills in a public performance.

What’s it like to be a part of the AYO Young Symphonists program? See AYO Young Symphonists in action in a stunning concert at Melbourne’s Deakin Edge in 2019.