Belinda McFarlane


NMC 1983
AYO 1984-88

Tutor 2015-16

Belinda McFarlane


As a Violinist and Director with the London Symphony Orchestra and member of the Fiorini piano trio, Belinda McFarlane performs regularly throughout the world. An AYO Alumna, Belinda recently mentored AYO musicians as Director of the Porter Orchestra during the 2017 National Music Camp and as an inspirational tutor during the AYO 2016 International Tour.

What do you find inspiring about tutoring with the AYO?
Being a member of the AYO was a defining moment for me in my musical education. To make music at the highest level, with one’s musical peers, under the influence of highly skilled educators, was a defining experience. It formed my life choice paths, and prepared me for my future - it inspired me to reach for the stars, and helped prepare me to achieve it. Imbued with such personal meaning, I have a wish to provide the same inspiration and skills to next generations of AYO musicians. As well, it is absolutely fulfilling, rewarding...and fun! be involved.

What do you hope the AYO musicians took away from your time with them?
I hoped to inspire and inform the young musicians, sharing with them the variety, depth and breadth of my experiences. Having had the privilege of working alongside some of the world's leading musicians I feel there is so much knowledge to impart.

As well, I hope to have ignited a thirst for knowledge and experimentation - new ways to think about and perform music - and to have unlocked the young musicians' own minds as to how they envisage themselves going into the future as a performer, and given them the confidence and skills to achieve this.

What was the highlight of your recent experience tutoring with AYO?
Being Director of the Porter Chamber Orchestra at National Music Camp 2017. Watching the development of the players throughout the two weeks, and helping to enable and unleash their own creative powers and musical ownership. I felt it drew on all my skills as a musician and an educator. I was extremely proud of the result.