Some say composing can be a lonely profession, but on the AYO Composition program it’s exactly the opposite! You’ll be among colleagues and friends in a shared endeavour of music-making. See your work come to life as it is rehearsed and recorded by the musicians of Momentum Ensemble, and push the boundaries of composition with guidance from one of Australia’s leading composers.




Anne Cawrse

Anne is an Adelaide-based composer of acoustic orchestral, chamber and vocal music. Anne’s music blends soaring, lyrical melodies, dexterous rhythmic interplay and an unpredictably colourful harmonic palette. She is particularly fond of discovering the expressive musical potential hidden within the words of female writers. Read more

What's involved?

As a composition participant you’ll work with Australian composer Anne Cawrse to create a brand-new piece of music for chamber orchestra. You’ll attend online sessions with Anne over the course of several weeks to fine-tune your work before attending the program in person to workshop, rehearse and record your work with the experienced AYO musicians of Momentum Ensemble.


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