How to apply

Step 1 Select your program(s)

AYO recommends that you apply for all programs you are eligible and available for. Applicants should:

  • Meet the eligibility criteria as specified for each program
  • Make themselves available for the full period listed for each program
  • Be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident

Step 2 Select your instrument
(if applying for an instrumental program)

You may audition on more than one instrument. The following instruments are eligible:

/ Violin       / Flute       / French horn       / Percussion
/ Viola   / Oboe   / Trumpet   / Timpani
/ Cello   / Clarinet   / Tenor trombone   / Harp
/ Double bass   / Bassoon   / Bass trombone   / Piano
        / Tuba    

Percussionists are not required to apply for timpani, however all timpani applicants must also apply for percussion.

Wind instrument applicants are encouraged to audition on their respective doubling instruments as well as their first instrument. AYO may be able to assist you in sourcing these instruments for the purpose of the audition.

Eligible doubling instruments include:

/ Piccolo
/ Cor anglais
/ E-flat clarinet
/ Bass clarinet
/ Contrabassoon


Step 3 Submit your application

Create an AYO Community Hub account, or log into your existing account to complete an application online. Only one application is required per person, regardless of how many programs or instruments you are applying for.

There is a non-refundable application fee of $95.


Step 4 Attend an audition or interview

All instrumental applicants are offered an audition. View audition requirements.

Arts administration applicants, excluding composition, are offered an interview. All arts administration and composition applicants are asked to provide a portfolio. View interview and portfolio requirements.


Step 5 Results released

The first round of results will be released on Tuesday 1 October 2019.

Each program you have applied for will be marked successful, reserve, or unsuccessful. Successful participants must secure their place by accepting their offer.

Reserve offers are given to the highest ranking unsuccessful applicants, who may be offered a place if a successful applicant declines their offer. A second round of results will be sent to applicants with a reserve offer on Friday 11 October 2019.


Step 6 Apply for financial assistance and scholarships

AYO is committed to ensuring that all eligible musicians are able to participate in our programs regardless of financial and geographic barriers. We have a generous financial assistance program which helps participants offset the program fees and travel costs associated with attending AYO programs. Find out more

Further questions? Visit our FAQ page.