How to Apply   

1/ Choose your program(s)

AYO recommends you apply for all programs that you are eligible and available for.
Applicants should:

/ Meet the eligibility criteria as specified for each program

/ Make themselves available for the full period listed for each program

/ Be an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident of Australia

2/ Decide which instrument(s)

You may audition on more than one instrument. The following instruments are eligible:

/ Flute                           / Horn                            / Percussion            / Violin
/ Piccolo                         / Trumpet                      / Timpani                 / Viola    
/ Oboe                           / Tenor trombone           / Harp                     / Cello      
/ Cor anglais                  / Bass trombone             / Piano                    / Double bass  
/ Clarinet                       / Tuba                               
/ E-flat clarinet                                                   
/ Bass clarinet                                                  
/ Bassoon
/ Contrabassoon
/ Alto Saxophone

Wind instrument applicants are encouraged to audition on their respective doubling instruments, e.g. piccolo, cor anglais, E-flat clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabassoon. AYO may be able to assist you in sourcing these instruments for the purpose of the audition.

3/ Apply online

Applications for 2018 programs are open 13–30 June 2017. Applications for Arts Administration and Composition programs close on 14 July 2017. 

There is a non-refundable application fee of $90. 

Only one application fee is required, regardless of how many programs or instruments you apply for.

4/ Attend an audition and/or interview

All applicants are offered an audition and/or interview.

Orchestral excerpts and portfolio requirements will be released upon receipt of your completed
and paid application. There will be no live auditions for harp, piano or existing chamber ensembles. All other instrumental applicants must be available to attend an audition in the city of your choice.

Telephone interviews will be conducted for the Arts Administration programs.

5/ Receive an offer

First round offers released on 4 October 2017.

Program Fees

Full payment of your fee(s) are required upon confirmation of acceptance of each program.
Withdrawal after acceptance for any reason other than certified medical grounds will result in the forfeit of fees at the rate of $50 per calendar month from 30 November 2017 for withdrawal from AYO National Music Camp, or 31 December 2017 for all other programs.

If withdrawal occurs less than four weeks prior to a program commencing, the full fee
may be forfeited.

Payment Plan

AYO is able to assist you with paying your fees by setting up a payment plan. Full details will be sent out with program offers following a successful audition.

6/ Apply for financial assistance and scholarships

Successful applicants can apply for financial assistance and scholarships from 4 October to 17 November 2017.