Li-Wei Qin


AYO 1995

Guest Artist 2016

An exclusive Universal Music China Artist, Li-Wei Qin has appeared all over the world as a soloist and as a chamber musician. His numerous achievements include the Silver Medal at the 11th Tchaikovsky International Competition and First Prize in the prestigious 2001 Naumburg Competition in New York. In 2016 Li-Wei Qin dazzled audiences as the guest artist for AYO’s 60th Anniversary Concert.

What did you find inspiring about performing with the AYO?

AYO musicians are essentially the future of Australian classical music. There is nothing more exciting than working with the next generation of musicians and together, contributing to a brighter future.

What do you hope the AYO musicians got out of your time with them?
As a musician living in the 21st century, I believe it is very important to be open minded musically, conceptually and geographically. While maintaining an absolute pinnacle of musical standards, one also has to reach out in order to explore. Often, limitation only exists in our minds!

What was the highlight of your recent experience performing with the AYO?
Both in camp and on tour, every day has been an absolute delight. To be working with the AYO on the Elgar cello concerto was of course a profoundly memorable experience.

If I have to pick one event as the highlight, it would be the afternoon when all of the cellists sat on the Elder Hall stage, learning from each other and sharing all of our joy, struggles and challenges with the cello. For me, It was truly rewarding.