Where's my picture?
Where's my picture?
Posted by Jim Koehne and Vince Ciccarello
Saturday 19th January, 2013


When the pace really builds up, these two weeks really do fly by. For WAM’s participants, the deadlines we’d feared, in our less confident moments, would completely defeat us, were in the end crushed into submission by sheer force of will...

Now it’s over to the orchestras, teeming with youthful talent, to bring the 2013 AYO National Music Camp to ultimate fruition with their performances of truly stunning repertoire. The richness of these concert programs challenged the Words About Music department’s musicological chops with its combination of obscure delights and massive undertakings, but we are looking forward to experiencing these concerts which encapsulate to an amazing degree so much of Western Music’s history and power.

As we sign off, WAM’s tutors want to thank our guest speakers who brought illumination and insight to the business – the craft – of music journalism, of writing about music: Alastair McKean, the AYO’s Sarah Gilchrist and Dr Graham Strahle. Our very special thanks also to Simon Healy from ABC Classic FM for his sage words of advice, his encouragement and mentoring, and for just being around. And, finally, a heartfelt and deferential bow to sound production tutor, Jim Atkins, for his unfailing ability to get to the point.

And, in closing, our sincere best wishes to the six talented WAMmers: Andrew, Celia, Sascha, Erin, Rachel and Justina. Commit Orwell’s six ‘rules of remedy’ to memory, and they won’t fail you...

- Jim Koehne and Vince Ciccarello