The Alexander Orchestra
The Alexander Orchestra on song in Bonython Hall.
Posted by Sascha Kelly
Wednesday 9th January, 2013


Most campers have got into the swing of things by the third day, but there was the promise of something none of us had experienced yet: free time. The dedicated used the time to perfect some passages, be it for exposed solos, playing through an abandoned daily routine, or practising for performances beyond camp.

But the morning schedule was still full of rehearsals and tutorials to attend, words to write, stages to set and cords to be rigged.

When all was done, there was one last job before the advent of a few precious hours of freedom. The yearly group photo had to be taken. Campers dribbled onto the lawn, laughing with friends about rehearsals just gone. When three snaps of our cheesy smiles (and one ‘free for all’) were captured, the afternoon was ours to enjoy.

The congregation hadn’t had a chance to disperse before one ‘pro-active’ musician saw an opportunity. He took advantage of the potential captive sportsmen (and women) and urged them to meet later to help form an unbeatable team to thrash the staff at the annual cricket match. And gather they did. Morale is soaring, so the staff should ready themselves for Thursday.

At 8pm, the rehearsals resumed.  After two days of music, the conductors are starting to guide the musicians (by any means necessary) to shape the music.

Fabian Russell urged the Alexander Orchestra to sing their parts for the haunting Nimrod movement of the Enigma Variations. The Words about Music and Arts Administrator participants hiding in the audience were more than a little surprised to be met by a tuneful chorus of voices. One ventured that NMC might have an unexpected choir in its midst. “If you think this is good, they actually play it much better,” Fabian Russell replied.

Alexander members are warned. Excitement and expectations for Saturday are high.

- Sascha Kelly

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January 9, 2013


I like this one the most.

January 9, 2013


Thrash away you talented lot!