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“Every child should have the opportunity to learn and create music. The National Music Teacher Mentoring Program will start a process which we hope will result in all children in Australia having access to quality music education.”
The late Richard Gill AO



The National Music Teacher Mentoring Program is aimed at improving the quality of music education in classrooms around Australia. The program pairs experienced music educators with generalist classroom teachers in order to build their skills and confidence in teaching music. With continued support from the Australian Government and the private sector, the program continues to be successfully rolled out across Australia.

The late Richard Gill AO, was passionate about installing comprehensive musical education programs into every school in Australia, he believed that teaching music reaps countless benefits. “[music] requires the most intensive concentration, and listening” said Gill. “To get music, you really have to listen, and when children listen with direction and concentration, their focus goes up spectacularly… and the evidence points to the fact that a structured program of music education has benefits in all learning.”

In 2015 the program commenced in three states NSW, Western Australia and Victoria in collaboration with their respective departments of education involving 20 mentors, 62 teachers and around 1400 students. During the first 5 years of the program 445 primary classroom teachers were up-skilled impacting 26,000 students across the country.

The quote below from a teacher about one of her students is awe inspiring and says it all.

"He never speaks, he has severe learning difficulties OMG I can’t believe he’s got up and been so confident, to get up in front of the class and sing and love it and smile."

In 2017 the first national training of mentors took place at MONA in Hobart and in 2019 the second national training of mentors took place at the Adelaide Festival Centre. Previously the participating states had their own two-day masterclass. The masterclass provides mentors with a good understanding of the fundamentals of mentoring, and enables them to share strategies, practices and resources for engaging students in quality music education.

In 2020 the first online training of new mentors occurred. Mentors undertook preparatory work outlined in the three online training modules. They then came together in a live Zoom session to delve more deeply into the learnings with each other, lead mentors and key facilitators.

A new resource for teachers and mentors called Rhymes and Songs was developed in 2020 in response to many students undertaking their schooling from home. Rhymes and Songs is a series of video-based music education lessons for foundation to year 2 students based on the much loved book and compact disc resources by the late Richard Gill OA: Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star and How I Wonder, published by Devirra Publications

Each video features a rhyme or song from the collection and is presented by one of the lead music teacher mentors in the program. They are designed for young children to explore without supervision.

Teachers being mentored say that they have gained new skills and are more confident in teaching classroom music. A teacher with absolutely no music background embraced the program. At the end of her mentoring experience she declared: this is achievable, I can do this, it is great fun.

The effectiveness of the program was evaluated by the Creative Collaboratorium at the University of Queensland under the leadership of Professor Margaret Barrett, you can read the interim research finding here (PDF).

These research findings demonstrate that the program has significantly boosted the skills and confidence of classroom teachers in the teaching of music. This has led to improved student musicality, wellbeing and enhanced engagement in the classroom.

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