“So what is it that makes camp so special? Is it the supportive environment? Is it the intensity of being fully immersed in music all day every day for these two weeks? It could be that we are surrounded by like-minded people who ‘get’ us.” – Fiona Goodhew


Offered to a small number of participants with a demonstrated talent and interest in the organisational and management side of the music business.

No other course offers the kind of intense practical experience in aspects of orchestral operations that this program provides. The knowledge and experience you gain will equip you with a secure foundation for a successful career in orchestral management.

Elissa Seed TUTOR

Elissa began her life in the arts at the age of 5, training in dance, drama and singing. After high school she completed an Advanced Diploma of Musical Theatre at the Australian Dance Performance Institute and taught dance and drama disciplines, becoming lead choreographer for the Fame Talent Agency and Theatre Company. She has performed around Australia, as well as internationally at Disneyland Anaheim and Universal Studios America, Hong Kong and throughout China.

Elissa went on to study Performing Arts Management at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and graduated with a number of awards and scholarships including the Commonwealth Academic Excellence Scholarship and the Hawaiian Award for most outstanding Arts Management graduate. Elissa has since worked at Queensland Theatre Company in marketing and production capacities before moving to Sydney to become the Travel Coordinator for the Australian Chamber Orchestra. During her time with ACO, Elissa toured extensively with the orchestra to all major capital cities as well as many regional areas.

In 2014, Elissa moved to the United States and took up the position of Production Manager at the Hartford Symphony Orchestra in Connecticut, before returning to Sydney in 2015 to take up the position of Production Coordinator for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.


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