Would you or your school like to become involved in the National Music Teacher Mentoring Program? It’s easy!

Below you’ll find the information you need to get started - whether you’re a principal, generalist teacher, or a specialist music teacher.


Who can apply?

Public primary schools in NSW, VIC, SA and WA are invited to submit an Expression of Interest. This Expression of Interest will be sent on to the local co-ordinator.

  • Participating schools will receive details of their mentors in 2022.
  • All applications must be endorsed by the school principal.
  • Applications for one teacher per school will only be considered if no other schools from the area apply.

How to apply


How does the program work?

Schools wishing to receive mentoring may nominate two classroom teachers of Foundation/Kindergarten, Year One or Year Two, who have indicated a strong desire for professional learning in music and are seeking to improve their skills in this area, both in and beyond the classroom.

Following the Expression of Interest process, a suitable mentor is assigned to mentor two teachers from your school. The mentor matching is done by the state co-ordinator.

The mentor spends up to 16 sessions collaboratively working with the two teachers.

Music outcomes to be achieved through the mentoring are aligned with and complement those in the Australian Curriculum F-10: The Arts Music and state/territory curricula.


What is the cost?

Participating schools’ costs are funded by the school or their jurisdiction. Commonwealth government and private support fund the national co-ordination, evaluation, the development of resources, lead mentor program and the professional development of mentors.