Philanthropic Support

If you value opportunities for young people to develop confidence, appreciate the importance of harnessing talent with the best possible training, or simply love music, we invite you to join the AYO community and help us discover, train and inspire Australia’s most talented young musicians.  

Below is an introduction to the many ways you can participate in AYO’s individual giving program. For more information please contact Roxy Kavanagh, Development Director, at or (03) 8420 5710.

At whatever level you’re able to join the program, you will be invited to come on the journey with us to enjoy inspirational stories about our musicians’ achievements and be the first to hear about AYO concerts and events. Some patron levels offer invitations to exclusive performances with opportunities to meet musicians, special access to guest artists and orchestral leadership and customized behind the scenes experiences. Read more here.

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The AYO is a not for profit organisation. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. ABN number: 42 004 355 739

Australian Youth Orchestra Fund: help us thrive and grow

'AYO changed my life! It made me so motivated to work harder and practice better because my eyes were opened to the amazing things I can do with music and the incredible peers I can work with.’ Phoebe Masel, AYO musician 2016


Each year, AYO commits to maintaining the high quality of our training programs while looking to the future – to innovate and constantly evolve to meet the changing needs of musicians and audiences.

Participant fees and government funding provide just over half the support we need to sustain AYO’s annual program. We rely on the generous support of individuals and organisations to raise the remaining balance each year.

An unrestricted donation to the Australian Youth Orchestra Fund gives us the flexibility to allocate funds to where the need is greatest. Your support will cover core costs that help us train more musicians, access new audiences and continually improve services.

Help us thrive and grow by donating to the Australian Youth Orchestra Fund. You can donate online here or by calling (03) 8420 5710 / (02) 9356 1408 or emailing

Scholarships: transform a young musician's life

'Your support is what makes the unique and incredible experiences AYO provides possible for young musicians like me.' Eliza McCracken, AYO Scholarships Recipient

Each year, more than a third of AYO musicians rely on the support of a financial assistance scholarship to participate in AYO programs due to factors of disadvantage or geographical isolation. AYO Scholarships help create a level playing field by giving these talented young musicians access to the same training opportunities as their peers, with every AYO program helping them come away with:

  • An inspirational network comprising the best young instrumentalists from around the country
  • New musical, vocational and personal skills developed under the guidance of internationally renowned conductors and tutors
  • A taste of life as a professional musician, performing to public audiences in prestigious concert venues the country
  • The confidence to pursue their dreams

We invite you to transform a young musician’s life by donating to the AYO Scholarships Fund. You can donate online here, by calling (03) 8420 5710 / (02) 9356 1408 or by emailing

International Tour Fund: help outstanding musicians become global artists

'Playing Tour concerts in Europe, China and  Australia gave me a whole new perspective on music. To see how our music was received in completely different cultures was amazing.' Rita Fernandes, 2016 Tour musician

Every three years the country’s most talented musicians travel the globe as cultural ambassadors with the Australian Youth Orchestra. Inspired by world renowned conductors and guest artists within the walls of historic venues, these musicians reach new heights and introduce global audiences to Australia’s finest young talents.

Previous tours have seen AYO musicians receive standing ovations at European concert halls such as Amsterdam’s Het Concertgebouw, be the first Australian orchestra to visit China, and share the stage with soloists such as Joshua Bell, the world’s most celebrated violinist.

To stage this incredible event, we need to raise $200,000 every year. This vital support contributes to core costs such as flights, accommodation, meals, transportation and the engagement of acclaimed tutors.

We invite you to help outstanding musicians become global artists by donating to the International Tour Fund. You can donate online here, by calling (03) 8420 5710 / (02) 9356 1408 or by emailing


The Richard Pollett Memorial Award: support exceptional violinists

'Receiving the Richard Pollet Memorial Award (RPMA) really opened up my career options. It allowed me to study and freelance as a musician in Denmark, Canada, America, Hong Kong, Scotland, England and Slovenia - such exciting and rewarding experiences.' Liisa Pallandi, 2013 RPMA recipient

Richard Pollett, a former violinist of the Australian Youth Orchestra, died tragically in a road accident on 27 September 2011. He was 25.

The Richard Pollett Memorial Award has been established by Richard’s family and close friends in association with the Australian Youth Orchestra to honour his memory.

Awards are made annually to provide support and encouragement to young violinists who display outstanding personal and musical attributes.

Richard Pollett will long be remembered as a musician of extraordinary depth. Richard touched many through his playing and his personality, and was an inspiration to all who knew and heard him.

We invite you to support exceptional violinists by donating to the Richard Pollett Memorial Fund. You can donate online here, by calling (03) 8420 5710 / (02) 9356 1408 or by emailing

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The Conductors Circle: help us secure the world's best teachers

'This has undoubtedly been my best musical experience to date, working with the best young musicians and the world-class Joshua Bell and Christoph Eschenbach.' Ben Messenger, AYO musician

Patrons of the Conductors Circle believe world class training requires world class teachers. Their support ensures the involvement of internationally-acclaimed conductors and guest artists in AYO programs to mentor, tutor and perform with our young musicians.

Our Patrons have made it possible for AYO musicians to be enthralled by the musical knowledge, charisma and sheer genius of such stellar conductors as Christoph Eschenbach, Simone Young, Sir Mark Elder, Manfred Honeck and James Judd, and soloists such as Joshua Bell, the world’s most celebrated violinist..

Membership of the Conductors Circle starts at $10,000. Patrons receive invitations to exclusive performances with opportunities to meet these world-leading musicians.

Join the AYO Conductors Circle to help us secure the world’s best musicians. To find out how to join, call (03) 8420 5710 / (02) 9356 1408 or email

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to our Conductors Circle patrons:

Mr John Daley
Ms Erin Flaherty and Mr David Maloney
Groeneveld Family Trust
Eric and Elizabeth Gross Foundation
Mr Simon Johnson and Mr David Nichols
Mr Wayne Kratzmann
The Honourable Justice Jane Mathews AO
Mr Frank Zipfinger