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Videos are supported by the words and music, and detailed teaching and learning plans, including curriculum outcomes and assessment strategies. Further suggestions for use of other online learning using resources from ABC Education are included as is a self-reflection worksheet for students to complete.

The videos may be used in any order. Teachers are encouraged to select material suitable to the age and stage of learning of the students and to meet desired learning outcomes.


Danielle Abbott
(B.Ed) is a Lead Mentor for the National Music Teacher Mentoring Program and has been an active mentor for five years. She is an experienced Orff practitioner, having completed her accreditation. Danielle has taught music to children across the learning continuum from pre-school to HSC in her 23 years as a music teacher. She has held positions at both department and independent education institutions and is currently Music Co-ordinator (P-5) at Santa Sabina College, Strathfield.


Susan Sukkar (M.Ed; B.Ed; A.Mus.A) is a Lead Mentor for the National Music Teacher Mentoring Program and has had a long and varied career as a music educator working across early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. Susan was a lecturer in music education at the University of Western Sydney and the University of Technology Sydney. She has been the recipient of the Alan Laughlin Award for Excellence in Educational Leadership from the Australian College of Educators, as well as awards for outstanding executive practice. Susan is an Arts Coordination Officer for The Arts Unit, NSW Department of Education. 



The recordings used in the videos include stringed instruments, wind instruments and percussion instruments.

  • The stringed instruments are: two violins, a viola and a violoncello (‘cello), making a string quartet.
  • The wind instruments are flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon, making a wind quartet.
  • The percussion instruments are: wood blocks, temple blocks, side drum, bass drum, cymbals and glockenspiel.


You will listen to rhymes and songs sung by three very distinctive voice, two female voices, Monica and Julie, and a male voice, Dan.

  • Monica Trapaga is best known for her work on the Australian series Play School but is also an accomplished jazz singer, actress and author.
  • Julie Oguey is a talented Sydney-based singer who has studied with renowned singers and composers both at home and abroad. Julie often performs with her ukulele, keyboard or melodica.
  • Renowned composer, conductor and performer, Dan Walker is one of Australia’s most in-demand choral specialists.


About Richard Gill

Richard Gill
 AO (1941–2018) was one of Australia’s pre-eminent and most admired conductors and internationally respected music educators.

Richard’s work in developing young musicians and creating opportunities for them is recognised world-wide.

Richard has been Artistic Director of the Education Program for the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Artistic Director of OzOpera, Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of the Canberra Symphony Orchestra and Music Director of Sydney Chamber Choir.

Perhaps most recognised for his appearances on the ABC TV shows Spicks and Specks and Q&A. Richard worked in music education throughout his life as a mentor to young musicians, teachers and many community groups in Australia.


Thanks to Devirra Music for permission to use the recordings, artwork and scores from the Richard Gill Nursery Rhyme series.


With in-kind support from New South Wales, Victorian and South Australian education departments.