Rhymes and Songs

Classroom music lessons for foundation to year 2 students



Let’s make music!

Let’s sing songs!

Let’s clap and play rhythms!

Let’s dance!


Rhymes and Songs is a series of video-based classroom music lessons for foundation to year 2 students based on the much loved book and compact disc resources by the late Richard Gill OA: Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star and How I Wonder, published by Devirra Publications www.devirra.com.

Each video features a rhyme or song from the collection and is presented by one of the lead music teacher mentors in the program. They are designed for young children to explore without supervision or as a classroom resource.

Music education benefits


    To all teachers who want the best in music and in education for their children, using this set of videos and associated resources will help you achieve your musical aims.


    All musical activities require listening. We teach children music so they can invent or compose their own music. When children listen with full attention, they improve their capacity to concentrate and focus, requirements for all learning.


    Memory is an important part of learning. Listening to these nursery rhymes and songs and having fun moving, dancing, singing and playing simple instruments, can enhance the child’s understanding of music.


    Paying attention to music, listening to music, having fun and using our memories, all require great energy and concentration, which our brains love! Our ears and our brains work together and constantly grow.

  • FUN

    In the early stages of a child’s education, great fun can be had by listening to music, especially nursery rhymes and songs.


    Dancing and moving when we listen to music helps us listen and concentrate and is great fun.


    As a very special bonus, the study of music may provide many pathways to all areas of learning. There is now plenty of scientific evidence to support this statement.

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The rhymes and songs are used as teaching and learning material in the National Music Teacher Mentoring Program. Richard Gill AO founded the National Music Teacher Mentoring Program in 2015 to increase access to quality music education for all Australian primary school students.

For more information, contact Bernie Heard, the National Music Teacher Mentoring Program Manager at bernieheard@ayo.com.au