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Wednesday 11th July, 2018

'Young Symphonists has had a massive impact not only on my music-making but also on my life. It has pushed me to strive to be better in everything I do and has given me opportunities to live a healthier and more productive life.’

– Ken Noonan, violin participant

For more than 70 years, AYO has developed programs that harness the raw potential of Australia’s most talented young musicians, offering them opportunities to experience significant musical and personal development. Each year we commit to maintaining the high quality of our training programs while looking to the future – our need to innovate and constantly evolve to meet the changing needs of musicians and audiences.

This is only possible with your support. Thank you to all those individuals who donated to our 2018 end of financial year appeal. The power of your philanthropy has already strengthened AYO’s ability to nurture young musicians on their pathway to success.



Virtuoso $5,000+ 


Daniel & Helen Gauchat


Principal $3,000+


Marcus & Jodie Elsum
Elisabeth Garran
Peter & Liz Kelly
Julian Smiles* & Dimity Hall


Associate $1,000+


Alan McCormack & Elizabeth Brand
Ruth Brian
Andrew & Robina Brookes
Professor Kwong Lee Dow AO*
Sai & Linda Fong
Louise Gourlay OAM
Peter & Faye Grant
Dr David & Sarah Howell
Gayl Jenkins & Chris Pellegrinetti
Ilma Kelson Music Foundation
The Hon. Christopher Legoe QC AO
& Mrs Jenny Legoe

Dr Dennis Mather & John Studdert
Clare Pullar
Lynne Sherwood & the late Tim       Sherwood
The Tiger Trust
Mary Vallentine AO
Randal & Asako Williams
Marian Worcester* and Roma Dix*, in   memory of Ian Cooper
Igor and Jenny Zambelli
Anonymous (3)

Tutti $500+


David Alexander
Dr Graham Chaffey & Sarah Horniblow*
Andrew & Carol Crawford
The Farrands Family
Faye Goldsmith*
Karl Hombergen & Jane Hutton
Kerry and Patricia Keneally
Josephine Key
Rod & Elizabeth King
Kerrie Ma

Margaret Oates
Dene Olding & Irena Morozov
Dr Sven Ole Warnaar
Gerard Patacca*
Leona Romaniuk
Clare Ryan
Jacky & Rupert Sherwood
Clare Thompson
In Memory of Vivian Wain*
Gen Ying Shi

Friends $250+


Glenn Christensen*
David* & Jean Conochie^^
Colin Cornish*
Dr Leslie Fisher
Gill Halliday
Dr Jane Morlet Hardie*
Barbara Hornung*

Richard & Loretta Hyne
Shefali Pryor*
Gerlinde Scholz
Christopher Tingay*
Dr Barbara Tink*
Jane & Paul Tongs
Anonymous (3)

Supporters $10+


Julie Almond
Rory and Therese Anderson
Sally Attrill
Valerie Awburn
Dr John Azoury
John Barns
Professor Carl & Wendy Belle
Fr Arthur Bridge AM
Patrick* & Lyn* Brislan
Dr Judith Brown*
Christina Chiam
Myee Clohessy*
Matthew Coorey*
Rosemary Curtin*
Dr Lynn Dalgarno*
John Delves
Jeremy & Kate Eccles
Ian Fiddian*
Diarmuid Fogarty
Dr Bronwyn Francis*
Oliver and Susanne Greeves
Sue Hewitt
Stephanie Hicks
Laura Holian*
Lorraine Hook*
Alan Jenkins
Leta Keens

Sergey Khantsis
Dr P. Kriedemann
Wendy Lau
Dr. Virginia Longley*
Gerald Lynch
Jennifer Mattocks*
Moran Family
John & Liz Morris
Niall and Jan O'Donnell
Mathisha Panagoda*
Krystyna Pindral
Keith Powell
Rosemary* & Gwenneth* Pryor
Ashleigh Robertson*
Robert Russell
Elissa Seed* & Daniel Henderson*
Nicola Snekker*
Associate Professor Janice Stockigt
Viv Tolliday
Elizabeth Torrance*
Michele Walsh*
Elizabeth Whittle
Dr Lynn Williams
Graham Wood OAM*
Sariah Xu*
Anonymous (12)


* AYO Alumni

^^ In memory of Kenneth Hunt, Tanya Prochazka* (née Hunt) & Marianne Hunt


Correct as at 26 July 2018