Trusts and Foundations

Support from Trusts and Foundations goes to the heart of AYO – from sustaining our core activities and developing training programs, to ensuring access for all young musicians regardless of their circumstances.

Every AYO program gives young musicians a specialist training experience – from first-time orchestral performance through to exposure as a professional chamber ensemble. While being mentored by the world’s best musicians, each participant develops confidence, life skills and career networks that can be applied to future endeavours.

By supporting the Australian Youth Orchestra, you will help us maintain the high quality of our training delivery to stay at the forefront of youth music education. We invite you to become an AYO Partner to help musicians:

Discover orchestral and chamber music making with the country’s finest instrumentalists in Young Symphonists

Be immersed in exhilarating repertoire and performances in AYO’s intensive two-week National Music Camp

Explore epic repertoire with world-class conductors in prestigious concert venues in AYO Orchestral Seasons

Form professional ensembles and take part in international festivals in Chamber Players

Launch dynamic music careers to become masters of their art through the Momentum Ensemble

Participate in AYO programs regardless of financial circumstances or geographic location through Scholarships

'If it hadn't been for AYO programs I wouldn't have had a career as a musician. You just can't replicate the experience of AYO within other educational envrionments; the wealth and depth of talent, the wonderful, diverse role models and the challenging repertoire.' Phillipa Paige, Professional Musician, Educator & AYO Alumnae

As a Program Partner you will join the AYO community and have the opportunity to follow our participants’ exhilarating musical journeys. Program partners receive:

  • Complimentary tickets to AYO concerts
  • Invitations to private performances, rehearsals and ‘Meet the Musicians’ events
  • Postcards from musicians on programs with updates on their AYO experience
  • A copy of AYO’s ‘Newsbeat’ publication
  • A yearly report with testimonials from program recipients

For more information on how to become an AYO Program Partner, contact AYO's Development team at or (03) 8420 5710.

We would like to warmly thank all Trusts and Foundations for their support. Click here for a full list of AYO Supporters.

The AYO is a not for profit organisation. All donations over $2 to the Australian Youth Orchestra are tax deductible. ABN number: 42 004 355 739